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Improve patients experiences in healthcare facilities with digital navigation and wayfinding!

INDOAR for healthcare offers patients, visitors and staff not only way-finding in the often large and complex buildings. It also provides specific data and information to patients, visitors, doctors, nurses and maintenance personnel based on their needs, connected to their exact position. Users can choose the specific hospital department they need to visit and be guided on their own smartphone to the destination.

By using this user data and information connected to their location, new possibilities for optimisation in workflow processes open up. Ensure efficient routing for staff and reduce stress for hospital patients and visitors with INDOAR!

What INDOAR for Healthcare offers...


Easy installation

No expensive hardware infrastructure necessary. INDOAR leverages a Matterport Navvis or Leica 3D scan and builds on them.

Easy access & use

Visitors, patients and staff can start the hospital app by scanning the QR-code with their own iOS or Android smartphone.

Guided wayfinding

Users can choose the hospital department or a specific room they need to visit. They will be guided on their own smartphone to their destination.

AI character

Our 3D GuideBOT avatar or a custom avatar can be created to be the visitors personal guide, and provide multilingual assistance and guidance.

Location based information

Provide patients, visitors and staff with location based information connected to their exact position. Decide, who can have access to where

Appointment system integration

INDOAR for healthcare provides integration options to integrate local appointment data coming from your own appointment information system.

Patient entertainment

Improve patient experience and positively influence their wellbeing. Set up location based experiences with augmented reality. For example treasure-hunts at the kids department or other creative options.

Facility management

Utilise the INDOAR for Healthcare infrastructure to provide maintenance routes to facility management. Provide location based information and increase safety, quality and traceability at lower costs!

If you would like to receive more information about INDOAR for Healthcare, want to schedule a demo call or need help to identify the most valuable use case of augmented reality for you, contact us. Our ViewAR experts are happy to help you.

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INDOAR - for Healthcare delivers...


Poor wayfinding in Hospitals is a big and costly problem!

Finding around in the hospital can be very stressful for patients and visitors, having to show people around takes away valuable time from hospital staff.

How much of an impact does this actually have on the costs of Healthcare and Patient wellbeing?

A recent study and reporting done by Deloitte shows that medical staff spends on average 4,500 hours in giving directions every year. That is a considerable amount of time wasted just on giving directions. All resulting in Multi-million euros of costs per year, for some even in the Billions.

Digital indoor navigation solutions like INDOAR for Healthcare can reduce stress and improve patients wellbeing. It can be used with the users personal smartphone, something almost everyone of us keeps in their pocket almost all the time.

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Powerful AR features.
New opportunities for the healthcare sector.


Using the latest visual positioning technology INDOAR provides precise and robust navigation without any necessary hardware installations on-site.

Hardware Free

Our Integrated high-performance recognition system and a range of support in digital twin creation platforms makes it possible to support any venue size.

Any Venue Size

Our system offers text and voice translations for all available languages. It uses by default the language setting of the mobile device.


Choose your guide from a list of predefined characters or use your own custom character. A simple „guide-free“ navigation with arrows is also available.

3D Guide

Administrate Points-of-Interest and tours in an easy to use interface based on the 3D digital twin of your hospital Venue.

3D Admin Interface

Let our integrated AI chatbot answer questions that arise during your clients experience. Our system supports both voice and text in- and output.

AI Chatbot

You can setup the waypoints and POIs on-site using your mobile device or through our admin interface on your computer.

Easy Location Setup

With our visual positioning technology, INDOAR lets you start the navigation from any position in the location.

Instant Positioning

Use our comfortable JavaScript-API to easily connect your existing applications or database to our system.

API Integration

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